OELTECH Maschinenbau

Part of Martd GmbH is Oeltech Maschinenbau / Oeltech Machinery and a wide range of agricultural machineries for small business owners, farmers and industrial scale manufacturers. With customers around the world we are one of the most advanced companies in the world for oilpresses for the best quality cold-pressed vegetable oils. High-precision manufacturing and reliable construction for unmatched performance convinces customers on a daily basis. We are supporting initiatives in Africa for adding value to their local communities in the production chain with our machines and services. Our mission is to create value to local markets and local production.


Part of Martd GmbH is Herbas Maschinenbau and a wide range of hemp and cannabis processing machines from the hemp plant to different separations of it. From the whole cannabis plant to separate fractions for further processes, like CBD extraction, hemp seed oil production or hemp tea packaging.

NAIKO Nitrogen Systems

Another category of Martd GmbH is in the hospitality industry with NAIKO Nitrogen Systems. With a strong pioneering spirit NAIKO breaks new ground in the premium beverage industry and sets the trends of tomorrow. We supply solutions for the international coffee speciality community with our products serving Nitro Cold Brew Coffee or other innovative Nitro beverages. Our Naiko Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser generates invinite nitrogen from ambient air, cools down the beverage and injects it inline to the Cold Brew Coffee to produce a velvety, smooth and fresh Nitro Cold Brew Coffee without the need of separate nitrogen tanks.



More information coming soon.


Excellence in grinding. The nut butter grinder with its integrated high-precision grinder discs features ground breaking grinding quality for unmatched outcome over your food quality and freshness. Our grinder are the fastest and most advanced premium nut grinder on the market in its size and amazes our customers with fast and accurate grinding perfromance for high capacity utilization – without compromising consistency and taste. More and more hotels and supermarkets are using our grinder to produce fresh nut butter, bread spreads like Hummus, hazelnut butter, peanut butter or our favorite chocolate-hazelnut butter.

CBD Ultrasonic

With growing demand of CBD extraction processes we are supplying the industry with ultrasonic devices to extract CBD out of hemp with high yields and exceptional full-spectrum CBD quality.  Ultrasonic is an energy-efficient and powerful process which applies high shear and intense stress to cell structures.


Like a modern alchemist you are welcome to the exclusive community of small gin producers. With our Ginbox you can transform a simple vodka into an outstanding bottle of delicious homemade gin in just 24 hours.

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